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We’re HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Locals on Alignable

“I enjoyed the concept that we can go after and protect things in our business like we do as mother for our children.”
Janet Banks
“Bina is an authentic coach. She goes the extra miles to help you determine your next steps.”
Kelly Martineau
Menopause Redesign
“Outstanding and Innovative”
Valerie Vargas
Empowering Women in Healthcare

Don’t Wait for Someday, Make it Happen Today.
The Time is NOW!

We Understand. It’s Not Just You. We’re Here to Help.

We blend the best of personal development, strategic coaching, and actionable insights to deliver a transformative experience.

The Challenge is REAL—And It’s Affecting Every Part of Your Life:

🤔 Do you often find yourself putting others first, at the expense of your own dreams and well-being?
🤔 Have you grown tired of waiting for “someday” to pursue your passions?
🤔 Are you the one always making excuses because you’re just too exhausted to take the next step?

It’s a common thread—putting off personal progress for the sake of others.

Here’s what usually happens:
😩 Every day ends with you drained, making excuses for missing out on life’s little joys.
😩 Your big plans keep getting pushed to the back burner, waiting for that elusive perfect moment.
😩 You’re left feeling stuck, often hiding behind the comfort of excuses.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

In our Signature Event, Empower & Excel, You’ll Rediscover Your Priorities and Reclaim Your Time.

This isn’t just about managing time—it’s about prioritizing you without compromising your commitment to those you love.

We help you navigate through the guilt and exhaustion to a place where:
✨ Self-care becomes a non-negotiable part of your daily routine.
✨ Your dreams get the front seat, not the back.
✨ Excuses transform into stepping stones towards your success.

Turn ‘Someday’ into ‘Today’

Imagine achieving more for yourself this year than you thought possible in a decade.

That’s what we aim for.

With us, you’ll learn how to balance life’s demands while actively pursuing your goals.

Are you ready to stop waiting and start living?

Release the GUILT, BURDEN and Shame of SELF-SABOTAGE🔥

Working with the Bina has been the best decision I’ve made so far. She managed to successfully combine the support and fellowship of group coaching with the mentorship and personal attention. As a side effect, the members become a real family. The exchange of information, the celebrations, the challenges, the vulnerability.

It’s absolutely priceless!

Traveling together and navigating the often perilous and isolating road of entrepreneurship as a whole unit cannot easily be described but must be experienced.
Daphene Marshall
Bina was a lifesaver for me and my family when we received the news that our daughter had autism. We were feeling lost and unsure of how to navigate the diagnosis and support our child.

She provided us with the knowledge, resources, and support we needed to understand and accept the diagnosis, and to advocate for our daughter’s needs. Helped us navigate the complex world of therapies, support and education options. Her guidance helped us to be more confident and informed parents. Her compassion and expertise made all the difference for us and our daughter.

We are truly grateful for her help.
Stephanie Rawson
Bina is an amazing nurse coach who helped me understand the root causes of my financial troubles. I had always assumed my issues with money were just due to poor decision-making, but Bina helped me realize that my feelings of unworthiness from childhood were deeply intertwined with my financial struggles.

She provided me with the tools and support I needed to address these underlying issues and develop healthier financial habits. She helped me to understand how my past experiences were impacting my present thoughts and behaviors and how to change them. Bina’s compassion, expertise, and knowledge of the subject matter were truly invaluable and I couldn’t have done it without her.

I am truly grateful for her help.
Michelle Shaw

What Breakthroughs Can Super Moms Expect?

01 Laser-Like CLARITY

Discover clarity not just in your daily tasks but in your life’s aspirations. Understand deeply where you’re headed and craft a precise roadmap to get there.

02 Diamond-Hard Determination

Learn how to channel the pressures of motherhood and entrepreneurship into resilience. Build a mindset that turns challenges into stepping stones, making you an unstoppable force.

03 Recession-Proof Resilience

Master the art of maintaining your momentum no matter the economic climate. Spend your days in a state of productive flow, making you and your business robust and thriving.

04 Quantum Leaps in Productivity

Imagine accomplishing a week’s worth of goals in just one focused day. We show you how to multiply your effectiveness, giving you more time for what truly matters.

05 On-Demand Access to Peak Performance

Gain the skills to enter a high-performance state at will. Say goodbye to distractions and trivial setbacks, and hello to peak productivity.

06 Eliminate Doubts, Delays, and Drama

Remove the mental clutter that holds you back. Learn strategies to overcome self-doubt and procrastination, ensuring you’re always moving forward.

07 Rockstar Calm and Composure

Develop the resilience to remain poised under pressure. Harness serenity and strategic thinking, no matter the chaos around you.

08 Maximize Your Me Time

Free yourself from the unending to-do list. We’ll help you create space to breathe, reflect, and grow, turning time into your ally rather than your enemy.

Meet Our VIP Panelist and Speakers!🔥

We are thrilled to introduce our 4 exceptional VIP panelists and 2 VIP speakers who will be joining us at the Supermom CEO event. These phenomenal women bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and inspiration to help you unlock your potential and transform your future.

Cassandra McClure

Sarah Dumas

Subikksha Balaje

Jennifer Kem

Meet Our VIP Speakers!🔥

Kai Henderson

Kari Hall

Join us for a transformative three-day journey designed to awaken your inner power and align your ambitions with the serenity of home life.

Exciting News! We Got Featured by NBC!

Hosted by Bina Bendale, a mom, wife, and successful businesswoman who understands the challenges firsthand, this event is your chance to break the cycle and create your legacy as a SuperMom CEO.

Get ready to be empowered and lead with confidence!🔥

I can’t recommend Bina enough!

As a family, we were going through a difficult and complex medical issue and felt completely overwhelmed. Bina provided us with the support and guidance we needed to navigate the situation and make informed decisions. She helped us understand our options and communicate effectively with healthcare providers. We felt like we had a true partner and advocate in Bina.

Her compassion and expertise made all the difference for our family.
Amy Davis
The Making Of An Entrepreneur DocuSeries – Season 4

Connect with a vibrant community of nurse coaches and entrepreneurs in the Corporate Nurse Coach Association’s private Facebook group.

Learn, share, and grow together with like-minded professionals who are passionate about advancing their careers and making a difference.


This event promises to be a game-changer for moms everywhere. Whether you run a business, a food truck, being a coach or a multi figure, here is where you’ll learn to blend the art of motherhood with the science of CEO-level leadership.

Step into SuperMomCEO and leave transformed.

Shed the weight of expectations at the door and embrace the ease and grace of being the SuperMom CEO you are destined to be.

It’s time to create your legacy, connect deeply, and allow yourself the support you truly deserve.

Join us and make the shift—because you can have it all!

Early Bird Special!
👉🏼Save $200👈🏼

We know how much you juggle every day, and now it’s time to invest in YOU.

Join our Super Mom CEO Event and get $200 OFF your registration when you sign up early. This is your chance to connect with like-minded women, gain powerful insights, and elevate your business and personal life.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools you need to succeed. Early bird spots are limited, so secure your place today and take the first step toward becoming the unstoppable CEO of your life!

Register now and let’s make this journey together.

| Community and Sisterhood

Step into a circle of powerful women who understand the unique challenges and triumphs of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship.

Shoulder to shoulder, we support each other, sharing the weight of our worlds.

| Transformation

This isn’t just a networking event; it’s a transformative experience designed to teach you how to marry the roles of supermom and CEO without burnout.

Learn to manage both your family and your business with effectiveness.

| Balance and Inner Work

Discover practical strategies and inner wisdom that have helped Bina, a multi-6-figure entrepreneur and mother of three with special needs, find balance.

It’s time to do the inner work that leads to real, sustainable change.


Immerse yourself in the excitement and beauty of San Francisco, and let the Argonaut be your gateway to both personal and professional renewal.

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I’m Bina Bendale.

Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and a nurse coach. But in reality, I am so much more than that.

And so are you.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay there. So, Let’s break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.

| Mastermind and Accountability

Forge deep connections, gain new insights, and hold each other accountable to the goals that matter most.

| Empowerment Session

Immersion experience to boost your business acumen and enhance your parenting prowess.

Learn to manage both your family and your business with effectiveness.

| Balance and Inner work

End your day with a sense of accomplishment and a glass of wine, knowing everything is under control.